Philippine President: I corrected my remarks not to Nansha Island reef flag

Because of our friendship with China
According to Philippine "Daily Inquiry" website reported that Philippine President Dutterter 12 days to recover his previous boarded the Nansha Islands and raised the Philippine flag on the island of the remarks. On the 6th of this month, Dutterter, who visited a military camp in the western Philippines, said that he had ordered the deployment of troops on the island of the South China Sea, which had claimed sovereignty but had not yet been occupied, but also on June 12, Boarded the island and where the flag rose. According to the Daily Daily, Dutterter, who is visiting Saudi Arabia, told about two thousand Filipino nationals on Wednesday that "because of our friendship with China, because we value this friendship, I will not "But I do not want to go to any one of the islands there, but it is possible that I will send my son to show that every generation of Filipinos is clear about what our voice is asking for." "I corrected myself", "Manila Gazette" 13 quoted Dutterter as saying that he adopted the Chinese proposal, decided not to go to Zhongguo Island or flag, because this may lead to the emergence of the South China Sea between the cable country Chaos, "Imagine how much trouble would each of the heads of the country's heads of state go to the West Philippine Sea (China called" China's South China Sea ")?" The Philippine president also said that in many ways Helped the Philippines. According to media reports, Dutterter earlier this month, landing and garrison speech not only caused Beijing's surprise, but also to many people in the Philippines feel confused. His spokesman and the Philippine army subsequently claimed that the president's intention was that the Philippines had to upgrade the infrastructure on the island's reefs.

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