Singapore election on the 1st nomination candidate 89 seats election will be fully open

Nominate the nomination form to the nomination station of the constituency
September 1, according to foreign media reported on September 1, with the Singapore political parties prospective candidates today 11 am to 12 noon, respectively, at nine nomination stations presented the 13th Congressional election nomination form , The election of the Singapore national election will be fully detonated. Reported that the current Congress elected all 13 single seats and 16 constituencies of a total of 89 seats, whether lit the war, so that more than 2.46 million voters have the opportunity to vote, will be announced after the nomination. According to the current known arrangement, the election is expected in 1988 to implement the constituency system since the selection of all constituencies have opponents fight. However, whether the political parties will be in the nomination of the last minute due to technical mistakes, loss of election qualification is cause for concern. The last election day, a group of non-party members last minute team competition Tanjong Pago set constituency, but failed to submit the form within the specified time, lost the election qualification, so that the People's Action Party in Tanjong Pugu no war And therefore failed to form a situation in which all seats are competitive. In accordance with the regulations, the candidate must submit the nomination form at the nomination station at the nomination site of the constituency at 11 am to 12 am. Each candidate has a nominee, attending and at least four proprietors. At half an hour after the nomination, the candidate may object to the nomination of the competitor, and the electoral officer announces the candidate for each constituency. Action Party changed the style of the past, early announcement of the constituency arranged, and that the nomination day is unlikely to be an accident. Of the 89 candidates who competed for all of the 89 seats, 21 were the first candidates for the first time, and the three had gone before the election. On the opposition side, the Workers' Party intends to compete for 28 seats, and on August 31, all prospective candidates are presented, but it has been announced in accordance with the usual practice. Other parties, such as the Singapore Democrats, the Singapore People's Party and the Innovation Party, have also introduced prospective candidates in the past two weeks, and the National Solidarity Party has not held a special briefing. Nine nomination station, the most worth seeing is the Raffles College nomination station, played Hong Maoqiao set constituency of the Action Party Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong, as well as the play Yajuni constituency of the Workers' Party Secretary-General Liu Chengqiang, will be here Meet. If the Action Party has announced the Aljuni team candidates, the Workers' Party also said that five Alhambra constituencies will remain in the future, the two parties will be in today's array will be worth noting, especially Is the action party Aljuni set counselor Lin Wensing will be in the last minute to go into battle is unknown. Fighting more suspense of the nomination station is Fengshan primary school and Guanghua school, the Workers' Party in the east coast of the constituency and Fengshan District, as well as Marin Baidu selection area of ​​the array were announced at the two nomination stations. The more promising new workers, including Wu Peisong, deputy director of the Department of Sociology at the National University of Singapore, and three lawyers, He Tingru, Chen Lifeng and Chen Lizheng, will appear at the nomination station and will see the Labor Party's strategy to focus on firepower New set of constituencies, or to strive to win a single election area. In addition, a number of non-party people may also be "inserted", Latin Maushi, Ma Bosuo, volatility Brazil and Bukit Panjang to sing a single area may break out of the war. The election is Lee Hsien-tung's third leading action party to participate in the election, the party's campaign slogan is "you and I are concentric, for the country for the people." In announcing his election campaign on Saturday, Mr Lee reiterated that the election was about the future of the country and affected the formation of the government and the new generation of leadership, so he called on the public to treat the ballot carefully. The workers are shouting slogans "mastering the civil rights and grasping the future", calling for voters to consolidate and extend the previous election with more opposition parties to enter the Congress. City Council Council is expected to go down a few days off a hot topic, the election has not yet officially started, the Action Party and the Workers' Party has been confined to the town will be managed. After the nomination is completed at noon today, the election campaign is launched immediately. Various political parties campaign broadcast vehicles from 2 pm on the street campaign. The police also from 2 pm to accept the candidate or election agent to apply for the election of the masses of the General Assembly permit, the masses of the General Assembly held the earliest tomorrow night. The police reminded the public that nine nominations were open at 10 am to allow supporters and the public to enter the premises. The nomination station was not allowed to stop, and the supporters and the public should travel by public transport. Before the nomination was announced, the supporters were not allowed to nominate Stand and around to show campaign posters, cloth strips or flags.

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