Farmers gathered to fug for 16 years in the self-directed film before being released

"My dream" director Cenmou

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Environmental Organization: The number of African elephants has dropped by 110,000 over the past 10 years

Namibia and Zimbabwe and other countries in southern Africa for the lifting of the ban on ivory trade

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China won the Asian investment bank 26.06% voting rights or from the IMF, the World Bank "dig people"

Of the Eurasian Development Bank have also expressed their willingness to cooperate with ADB

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Japan's defense against the defense of the law is not a government opinion is blurred

The state of affairs does not require (other) requirements

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Beijing for the first time "retreat" roadside parking spaces returned to the use of bicycles

Xicheng District is pilot to cancel part of the roadside parking spaces

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3-year-old boy fell into the district Yinjing trouble suspected to step down the fall into the well

Everyone finally in the district a manhole to find the child

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A conflict in Cairo, Egypt, killed six people

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (Mu Brothers) supporters clashed with local residents in Cairo, capital of the day

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Chongqing street is the convertible van driver wearing a helmet calm driving (Figure)

The same is the convertible Changan van

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303 bus on Sunday without the lowest starting price of auction auction price of 2,000 yuan

Bus auction without a license to Beijing must have indicators reporter learned

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Big goods out of control all the way into the roadside warehouse broke the two injured were no serious

Hit three cars after a straight burst into a warehouse

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Beijing Metro Line 1 and 2 line installed screen door pre-project will be completed next year

At present, Metro Line 1 and Line 2 are installed at the core of the project prior to the installation of the shield door.

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Dalian, a tanker and bus collision more than 20 people were injured (Figure)

The injured person was taken to hospital

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Indonesia's Richter magnitude 5.2 earthquake source depth of 60 km

There are no casualties or property damage

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Wang Lin wife reported that Huang Yu Gang posing as the central authority of fraud 6.1 million

Wang Lin (left) and Huang Yu Gang photo Pingxiang businessman,

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Foreign media: Japan confirmed that Kublai Khan 13th century expedition when the shipwreck

The shipwreck is a national monument in Japan

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Shaanxi Nanzheng County, a construction site dug up "ebony" (Figure)

Shaanxi Cultural Relics Bureau of Nanzheng County, a construction site dug up

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Zhou Xiaochuan: China exists capital flight phenomenon but the number is not (Figure)

China also has this (capital flight) phenomenon

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Rumor: Beijing 7 days without "heavy pollution red warning"

At present, Beijing has not released any color heavy pollution warning

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Trump said the manufacturing industry back to the US Department of Industry: not out of this policy

And will not introduce new policies on manufacturing development for measures taken by US President Trump

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Shanxi Xinjiang a truck due to crude benzene leakage has recovered 24.34 tons

Fenhe Xinjiang County and Jishan County at the junction (Yang Zhao section) at the benzene concentration of 0.082mg / L

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