Yunnan Eryuan 4.5 earthquake caused thousands of people affected by the housing wall cracking

Part of the housing wall cracking after the earthquake occurred in Yunnan
After the earthquake, Eryuan county, the county government to quickly start the earthquake emergency response four, set up by the county party committee and government leaders as the chief commander of the earthquake relief work headquarters, the organization of the county civil affairs, earthquakes, Traffic, land, housing and other relevant departments at the county level rushed to the earthquake, to carry out emergency work. The county composed of three working groups to carry out a comprehensive statistical verification, a total of 300 sets of quilts, 350 coats and 12 tons of rice, 3 tons of sesame oil and other living materials, to visit the sympathy earthquake. The preliminary verification, the earthquake caused a total of Eryuan County Qiao Houzhen, Xishan Township, two townships of the new Ping, Yongxin, Huanghua Ping and victory of the four village committee part of the housing wall cracking, roof damage, 1550 people affected , A total of 326 978 19560 square meters of houses damaged, the earthquake caused by the direct economic losses of 3.25 million yuan. As of 8:00 on the 8th press time, involving the affected counties are no casualties report, the earthquake zone water and electricity flow, the masses of the normal production and living order. The next step, Eryuan County will do a better job of disaster prevention and control work, so that the village does not leak the village, the village leak group, the group does not leak households, households do not leak people. Actively adjust the quilts, clothing, rice and other necessities of life, proper placement of the rescue area. Strengthen the emergency duty, do a good job monitoring and early warning to ensure the smooth flow of information to ensure that people's lives and property safety. In addition, the Eryuan County, 4.5 earthquake occurred adjacent to the Yunlong County, New Township, Whitehead Town, seven villages of some houses wall cracking, tile drop, foundation subsidence. Chang Xinxiang party secretary Shi Xudong introduction, the current mass production and life in a normal order, county, township sent a working group has been in-depth village group to see the disaster, visit condolences to the masses, to prevent secondary disasters.

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